Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still Plugging away

Im still not getting this dieting thing under control. I've had a lot of false starts but so far my weight just keeps climbing. Six pounds from now I will have gained back all 50 of the pounds I lost two years ago. Somehow I take comfort that I still have 6 pounds. Its comforting to be able to tell myself that I haven't gained it ALL back.
Even though I haven't been able to stick to a plan, and even tho I've tried many times, I'm still not ready to give up. Today I'm trying again. a new start. One of these times it will click and I will be off and running. Hopefully, this is the time.
Hey, does anybody still here from Alan from Almost Gastric Bypass? I'm curious to know if he is still keeping his weight off or how it's going for him now. I wish he would pop in now and again and update us all. I did find his blog encouraging.. I think of him often. I tell myself that if he could do it then so could I. I'm only trying to lose 80 pounds not 200! Then why in the world don't I just do it?
I just realized that today is September 1. Why  is the first of something so encouraging? It brings new hope. Today I will start my diet. September 1. By December 31, I could be down 30 pounds. It all seems like it could be wrapped up so neatly now that I know its the first of September.


  1. Good to "see" you again ... I do understand your frustration - it's the same as what got me to join TOPS in 2008. I'd lost 30 lbs. and was gaining it back and I needed it to stop! I wish I could tell you that it's been easy, but I'm finally getting results almost 3 years later (although I had some victories along the way) - a lot of what I learned over this past 3 years was the emotional "stuff" that was holding me back. It wasn't only about the food - although I made some changes there too - it was/is mostly about my relationship with food.
    Look for small victories - one meal on track, two meals on track, one day of getting movement in, etc. etc. Sometimes a full day of being "good" is too much to strive for - look for small victories! They add up!
    ((( hugs )))

  2. I really hope you find what you need to in order to get the gears going again. Is the link below the allan you are asking about?

  3. I'm so glad you're back - was afraid you had given up. I haven't had much luck on the dieting front lately either but am hoping with summering ending maybe things will slow down and I can get focused again.

  4. Yes, carbi girl, that was who I was looking for. How did everyne know where he was going, save me? Thank you all for your encouragment.

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